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Hermaphrodites in and around Diderot’s Encyclopédie

For the longue durée history of hermaphrodites, the Encyclopédie and Diderot’s works are of paramount importance; they have been and will continue to be the subject of various posts on this blog (https://intersex.hypotheses.org/tag/encyclopedie, https://intersex.hypotheses.org/tag/diderot). In this...


L’Ordre hermaphrodite

A last blogpost on 18th c. erotic culture (really not my field of expertise)… As I learned from a blog on ‘revolutionary trivia’, namely http://rodama1789.blogspot.de/2015/03/scandalous-societies-order-of-felicity.html there was a society of libertines called ‘Ordre hermaphrodite‘ in the...

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