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Welcome! Do you want to blog here yourself, or have joined us recently? Here’s a quick guide for anyone interested to join us at intersex.hypotheses.org.

The blog deals with a longue durée history of sex and gender, especially bodies ‘between’ the sexes. For a slightly fuller description (both in German and in English), have a look here: https://intersex.hypotheses.org/a-propos; for my person, click here or here.

The blog started in 2015 with contributions in German mainly written by myself, but is slowly changing towards a multi-author, English-language blog. At present, all English language content is found here https://intersex.hypotheses.org/category/english. This includes the English papers of the Zwischen conference (https://intersex.hypotheses.org/590), but also a growing number of other posts by various authors.

What is published here, actually? Primary sources (and translations) are particularly welcome. Even short excerpts with equally short comment may be very enlightening for the non-specialist reader. Also, as several colleagues use the blog in teaching, making available sources in translation here directly helps to establish the history of the body in teaching.

Other contributions are likewise welcome, whether reviews, research notes or simply your thoughts on sexed bodies between antiquity and the 21st century. I am also happy to publish Call for papers and conference announcements, and with some 3,000 unique vistors a month (stats of early 2016), the blog is indeed a suitable place to draw attention to forthcoming events.

You have no experience with blogging? Never mind – blogging is simple, and if you know how use Word, that’s all you need to know. For a short tutorial, have a look here:  https://intersex.hypotheses.org/3307. It really is that simple.

So there we go. If you want to join, just send me an email, and I’ll be happy to create an account for you: christof.rolker (at) uni-bamberg.de.


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