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Spring break

For more than two years now, intersex.hyptheses.org has been running – with a total of some 350 contributions posted more or less regularly, more or less without a break. Today, though, I have to announce the...


Hermaphrodites in and around Diderot’s Encyclopédie

For the longue durée history of hermaphrodites, the Encyclopédie and Diderot’s works are of paramount importance; they have been and will continue to be the subject of various posts on this blog (https://intersex.hypotheses.org/tag/encyclopedie, https://intersex.hypotheses.org/tag/diderot). In this...


‚Feimelo et masclei‘: The pregnant monk, again

The hermaphrodite monk Klaus Oschema brought to attention recently (see https://intersex.hypotheses.org/2963) evidently attracted considerable attention already by contemporaries (as the near-contemporary accounts of Jean de Roy and Jean Molinet already suggest), and one way or the...